Thursday, 16 August 2012

Basking shark sennen cove


  1. I like this photo, not only because of the sharks fin, the gentle ripples of the sea and the hint of Cowloe rocks, but also because it has me and my youngest son out in our kayaks at Sennen. Where about were you standing when you took this? I assume somewhere on the headland, not on the harbour wall?

  2. I was standing near the loos!!! Did you know that you was also in the daily mail then!! And can be seen online too

  3. Yes, saw the paper, thats how I tracked down your blog from your name on the photo on the D-Mail web page. My mother phoned us on the beach on the Saturday saying there is a photo in the paper it looks just like you!! I have seen the sharks from my kayak before, but that day was the first time my youngest son had been out close to the sharks in a kayak. Fantastic creatures, great weather, beautiful scenery and a really nice photo. I have a few snapshots from my kayak with a cheapo, single use 35mm waterproof camera that a had with me. But you photo really puts the size of the shark into perspective. Did you get many other photo's of the sharks that day?

  4. Hi Rachel

    I am looking for photos of beach goers interacting with basking sharks.... swimming, kayaking, etc. We are doing a new program for Discovery, and I would love to include your photo. Could you please contact me at your earliest convenience?
    Thanks so much!!
    Victoria Mann
    Pilgrim Studios