Sunday, 8 April 2012

How to tell the silly season has started!!

Friday pm person heard from work shouting for help!! so shout goes out! we have a coastguard person working at work! so the coastgaurds, lifeboat, helicopter, ambulance, police car and some work staff are involed

Saturday afternoon a member of staff looks across bay and sees o yes in the same spot as the day before but 20 minutes later! two stuck, plus one above. coastgaurd, helicopter, lifeboat and more members of staff involed

quotes of the day from a visitors

how do i get to the beach?

reply just drive back down the hill and the carpark is on the right - you have gone past it to get here!

reply i need a postcode........

another one for you

do they practice rescues here like this all the time!!!!!!! and if it works


  1. Super photos and video Rachel - we were up at Gwennap Gead on Friday and took photos of the Sea King as it arrived & left and realised that they were off to Royal Cornwall - (usually right over our house) - we then saw the lifeboat heading home - but I was a bit confused as I could see it wasn't the City of London - later discovered that they have a relief boat at the moment. Know what you meant about the "Silly Season" we had a couple of nasty moments as we drove to Porthgwarra with cars driving down the middle of the narrow road & not moving over ! Sue

  2. That should have been Gwennap Head !!!